This War Isn't Over Yet

by Sobriety High

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released February 25, 2011

M. Benoit - Drums
T. Schwaber - Guitar
M. Iampietro - Vocals
P. Haggerty - Guitar
C. Anderson - Bass



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Sobriety High Boston, Massachusetts

We played 7 shows over 5 years.

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Track Name: The Dirtier The Soil...
The headlines read:
"Land of the free, home of the brave"

And today marks the day
Where we stand up and fight
No color, no segregation
A strength that can't be defined
We can't be confined
Prepare to meet your demise

Claim a "paradise" and christen it with blood
A legacy of hate under the desert sun
Bring us the tired, poor, and huddled of the earth
But who speaks for those dispersed
And how long until they come for you at birth?

This is a power granted to few
As their excuse to fucking abuse
Our basic rights as human beings
Trying to better our lives
But the wolves in power make the rules
That their life is worth more than mine
Well fuck that compromise

Who are you but the fucking plague
With a loser's remorse
Who's games we're forced to play

This is the chant that's spreading the seed
A wiser nation yelling:
We want to be free.
Track Name: ...The Bloodier The Land
She's been sold a lie and holds it words close to her heart on the inside
That this country's men have died for more than what can be described
One nation of evasion, with fine words for those that got left behind
She salutes a flag because she became blind, being lead by the blind

The daughter of an army family doing their best to fight for what's right
Marching to the orders under the disguise of "it's our side or your demise."

On one brisk fateful morning, on their doorstep, a letter arrived
Feeling their hearts sink into their feet, they all read what was written inside:

To the family of Jeremy
We hardly regret to inform you
That your son hasn't survived
He lost his life dying for a cause
That is classified
And I'm sure it pains you to realize
He won't be coming home tonight
You'll see enclosed a package
And we hope the contents satisfy
Your aching heart and empty feeling inside
And our thanks for signing on the dotted line
And with that, we'll leave you high and dry
And disappear from your life
With this stolen heart from a family once alive

This family was once alive

She collapsed to her knees and held her breath hoping to end the bad dream
One deep breath, she screamed: he's not coming home.