Sobriety High

by Sobriety High

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Recorded April/May 2015 at Disappearing Mountain in Easthampton, MA by Kevin Gebo


released May 12, 2015

Sobriety High was:

Mike Benoit*
Timmy Schwaber*
Michael Iampietro*
Phil Haggerty
Cody Anderson

* = played on this release

MB - Drums
TS - Guitars/Vocals
MI - Vocals/Bass




Sobriety High Boston, Massachusetts

We played 7 shows over 5 years.

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Track Name: Deadly Force
With this war brewing ahead
A threat to all: The river will run red
A coward stands for the world to see
To try to execute your hopes and scare you down to your knees

Unfounded valor in the cold steel they bear
"True Sons and Daughters to Liberty's Heir"
But if violence against violence is all you can see
"From my cold dead hands" is fucking fine by me

"Freedom!" is all they can say
The fear of a world where the streets are in disarray
The line has been drawn in the sand
The smoke in the air says that this is where we make our stand
'Cause I don't want to live in a land
Where every motherfucker has a gun in their hand.

But if violence against violence is all you can see
"From my cold dead hands" is fucking fine by me.
Track Name: Grace / Disgrace
Raise your hands and sing along with me
And blessed be from the Holy See
To the martyrs, barren and eager devotees
The mental and emotional detainees
Where the ideas are poison wrapped in disease
Forever worship the imperial decree

Who's the architect that built these walls brick by brick?
A solid structure with wealth and fortune stored in it
And who supplies? Those in line
Here to worship those enshrined
They'll buy your words and believe in them
And live in reverie, blind to mayhem

There's no great message, there's no great hope

The mountain is paved with knives and despair
As the millions will bleed out in hopes for their share
And arrive at the empire abandoned and bare

You'll bleed them dry from the behind the curtain on this grandest stage
You'll bleed them dry, and for what?
Some fucking fiction in the goddamn sky

And for our lifeblood, it requires reckoning
We'll storm their castle, and show we're strengthening
And for our lifeblood, our yells are deafening
We'll storm their castle
Track Name: Bleeding To Death (The Swarm)
Lyrics by The Swarm